Continental Opportunity Zone Fund I LLC was formed in 2019 to serve as a “qualified opportunity zone fund” under 26 U.S.C. § 1400Z in order to invest in property located within Opportunity Zones. Continental Opportunity Zone Fund I LLC intends to leverage CRC’s decades of experience in these areas by identifying, purchasing, rehabilitating, and holding investments in select Opportunity Zones. Investors in Continental Opportunity Zone Fund I LLC may be able to realize tax benefits as a result of their investments, including deferral of gain, a step-up in basis, and exclusion of gain on funds invested with Continental Opportunity Zone Fund I LLC.

For more information about Continental Opportunity Zone Fund I LLC, please contact us.

Tuppence Management Corporation was formed in 1986 and has been engaged since that time in the direct and asset management of commercial properties of various kinds. In its initial years, Tuppence focused primarily on the management of  retail properties. More recently it has been involved in the development of multifamily and mixed use properties in the New Orleans, Lousiana market. Its most recent venture in that field was the development of 91 apartments, the expansion of an existing parking garage, and the construction of several thousand square feet of retail space at 925 Common Street in New Orleans. Tuppence has also been involved in the creation and use of federal and state Historic Tax Credits.

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O2 Realty Capital, L.L.C. was formed in 2017 to facilitate investments in low-risk, management-light properties within areas where CRC can use its market knowledge and experience with particular asset classes to acquire properties on a favorable basis. O2 Realty Capital, L.L.C. aims to identify properties that can provide consistent cash yields and a predictable investment cycle.

For more information about O2 Realty Capital, L.L.C., please contact us.

Continental Americas Regional Center, LLC (CARC) was formed in 2010 as the Asian affiliate of Continental Realty Corporation. Bringing CRC’s extensive US real estate experience to the Chinese market, CARC offers immigration investments through the US EB-5 Program, as well as a suite of properties and services targeted for the unique needs and expectations of Chinese consumers. CARC, as a USCIS-designated Regional Center under the EB-5 Program, works in conjunction with CRC to attract EB-5 financing for projects which CRC owns or selects. Combining exceptional projects with substantial external funding, third-party construction and completion assurances, and planned exit strategies, CARC offers US investments which are ideal for EB-5 investors. In addition, CARC is pleased to offer pre-selected projects which are best suited for individual investors or small groups, or to custom-tailor an EB-5 investment for a truly personalized experience.

For more information on CARC, please visit CARC’s website.

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