Continental Realty Corporation’s acquisition philosophy focuses on buying quality properties throughout the United States, with a concentration on mixed-use real estate, multifamily residential properties, commercial spaces of all sizes, and other opportunistic investments. Properties are acquired with a view towards maximizing capital appreciation, primarily through buying at favorable prices. CRC negotiates, structures, and closes the acquisition of each property. After closing, CRC handles asset management, as well as direct management, in selected markets. Historically, CRC has acquired properties that are well-located in growth areas throughout the United States, and that are substantially occupied at the time of acquisition. CRC emphasizes the negotiation of a purchase price below replacement cost to protect the property’s future value and its ability to compete in the rental market. However, CRC also engages in development and repositioning of existing properties when advantageous. CRC’s transactions are typically structured for capital appreciation and current economic returns. Where appropriate, transactions are reconstituted or refinanced during the investment’s holding period to reflect changes in the marketplace or investment goals. CRC’s flexibility and creative thinking are, therefore, key factors in every aspect of each transaction.
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